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In eleven Days on the aspect, the writer joins religious instructor Andrew Cohen—a self-described idealist with progressive inclinations—in an exploration of an rising new non secular paradigm. during this paradigm the conventional revelation of enlightenment is explored within the context of the evolving universe with actually mind-expanding effects. Cohen, as soon as a instructor of "personal enlightenment," now teaches enlightenment as a collective emergence – the emergence of a "higher we"—which he sees because the flooring for the emergence of a brand new tradition of enlightened values. right here we discover that position the place our religious longing intersects with our take care of the area, empowering either to degrees neither may well reach on my own. Uncompromising in his demand human transformation, Cohen is gifted as an radical non secular figure—unyielding in his call for for integrity—whose liberated cognizance and ruthless deconstruction of the cultural and religious established order have stored everybody speaking. In acceptance of his contribution to the philosophy of non secular concept, in 2004 he used to be invited to deal with the Parliament of global Religions, an strange honor for a guy sponsored via no validated non secular culture.

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In What is Enlightenment Magazine, Issue # 26. page=1. 10. A phrase Andrew had coined for the horrific emotional outburst one would be subjected to when the ego of another was laid bare and exposed to the light of day with no possibility of avoidance, denial or escape. 11. It must be said, however, that there have been, throughout history, intrepid thinkers who have, here and there, carried the torch of evolutionary spirituality through their time. While, as is so often the case, they were thoroughly underappreciated by their contemporaries, they did hold Prologue: Into the Looking Glass • 37 taut a thread of development that is now beginning to bear fruit in a new time and culture.

There, with my head thrown back on an unfamiliar pillow I fell into a deep sleep. It was only the dappled play of sunlight dancing on my eyelids that retrieved me from those depths some hours later and, upon waking, I found myself blessedly relieved of both jet lag and the digestive problems that had been a constant companion since the beginning of this trip. After breakfast Gerard and I spent a bit more time visiting tourist attractions and by mid-afternoon we were in a cab headed for Montserrat, some fifty minutes away.

He smiled, dark eyes glinting. “Hey, you got it. ” We settled into silence for a while after that. I considered what he said, realizing that our relentless obsession with the quality of our inner experience so completely consumes us that we literally have very little attention or energy available to give to life. I’d heard this teaching of letting everything be as it is quite often, but there’s understanding and then there’s understanding. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that there are levels of understanding regarding the same teaching that emerge as one’s own awareness of and sensitivity to such things deepen.

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