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Cypriot Arabic, an unwritten language and mom tongue of a number of hundred bilingual (Arabic/Greek) Maronites from Kormakiti (N.W. Cyprus), advanced from a medieval Arabic colloquial dropped at the island by way of Christian Arab migrants (probably from Asia Minor and Syria). It represents the end result of a distinct linguistic and cultural synthesis drawing on Arabic, Aramaic, and Greek; its Arabic part additionally indicates a hybrid areal profile combining higher Syrian qualities with formal beneficial properties common of the modern S.E.Anatolian-Mesopotamian dialectal continuum. a couple of infrequent Aramaic substratal components in Cypriot Arabic recommend a comparatively early separation of its guardian dialect from mainstream Arabic. This lexicon surveys approximately 2000 Cypriot Arabic phrases opposed to the heritage of intensive comparative fabric from the Arabic dialects, previous Arabic, and colloquial and literary types of Aramaic. Many Cypriot Arabic phrases are right here pointed out with illustrative examples and ethnographic statement the place proper. Cypriot Arabic is an endangered language; the current thesaurus is the main complete lexical checklist of this scientifically fascinating number of peripheral Arabic. it truly is basically meant for orientalists and linguists focusing on comparative Semitics and Arabic dialectology.

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