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By George Bayer

When you are attracted to astrology, and specifically monetary astrology, then this can be one of many books you'll want. It teaches you the basics of constructing a horoscope for person shares, indexes, companies and members, and likewise speak about easy methods to decipher and interpret what you might have created.

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The Table of houses for 48º would be consulted and the values shown under sid. 11 would be reversed, so that the value for the ascendant would come over to the descendent, the MC down to the Nadir, the cusp for the 11th would become the cusp of the 5th, the cusp of the 12th would become the cusp of the 6th house and the cusp of the 2nd would become cusp of the 8th house and finally cusp of 3rd becomes cusp of 9th house. This completed, you erect the horscope as shown herein.

7 Ca Saturn R ---------------- 26. 11 P i Asc. 00 12. 3 Li Mars R 27. 27 Vi Asc. 35 13. 35 plus 28. 32 Note: original position is given as is; when 15 degrees 0' away from this original position, but in the same sign, it is marked: pl us. 57 19. 18 Virgo Mercury Virgo Sun Libra Venus Libra Ascendant Scorpio Mars Scorpio Node Sagit. C. 57 4. 33 4. C. Leo Cancer Neptune Scorpio Node plus Capricorn Jupiter Gemini Pluto plus Libra Venus plus Scorpio Mars Capricorn Saturn Virgo Mercury plus Libra Ascendant plus Sagitt.

56 PM at 19 Cn56' and its motion during the day is 13 degrees 31', how much does it move in 56 minutes? and where is this Moon 56 minutes prior? 31 log 56' 2493 1,4102 1,6595 or 32 minutes The Moon travelled in the 56 minutes just 32 minutes. 56' Cancer less 32 minutes or 19 Cn 24 m. e. for midnight Sapt. 7th and for midnight Sept. 8th 1901. Cn24'. 39 Cn and as midnight position of the other side: 26 Cn 10'. 10 Cn. It all depends when the native was born. 10 Cn we meet with an aspect to an important planet that could have caused that event.

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