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By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Welcome to a Caribbean coral reef! As you snorkel simply offshore, you notice very good fish, waving sea anemones, diving turtles - perhaps even a prowling barracuda! The coral reef is filled with lifestyles - from coral polyps snagging plankton to a moray eel gobbling up a goby fish. Day and evening at the coral reef, the search is directly to locate meals - and to prevent changing into a person else's subsequent meal. All residing issues are attached to each other in a nutrients chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, and plant to animal. What course will you're taking to keep on with the foodstuff chain during the coral reef? Will you . . . Tail a tiger shark because it sniffs out its subsequent sufferer? try out a stingray crushing clams? Watch a feathery fan bug capture bits of leftovers? persist with all 3 chains and plenty of extra in this who-eats-what event!

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The rest he leaves uncovered. Without the protective warmth of the sand, the remaining eggs won’t survive. Dozens of turtles once laid their eggs on this beach at night. With that many nests, one mongoose raid didn’t do much harm to the turtle population. But tonight this hawksbill’s nest was the only one on the beach. And that is the case all around the world for hawksbill turtles. They are critically endangered because of fishing and nest destruction. People have hunted the turtles for their beautiful shells.

Rising water temperatures from global warming caused the algae that live in coral to die off. Without the algae, the coral died. This is a dead end. Even as you drift through the dying coral here, an anchor from a sightseeing boat extends into the water. It crunches through the dead staghorn coral and pierces the shell of a brain coral. This reef is already dying, but boaters, snorkelers, and fishers destroy living coral all the time. It may be hundreds of years before it can grow back again, if at all.

There’s a hole in the mucus cloud for him to take in water and A queen parrot fish protects its elf with a mucus envelope. breathe. Another hole at the back lets the water flow out. With his mucus envelope keeping him safe, he drifts off. Last night for dinner, the parrot fish munched . . Ma le, Fem ale , or Sup erm ale ? Queen parrot fish go through many stages as they grow older. They start out as males and females that are gray with white stripes. They change to dark gray as young adults. As they grow up, some become adult females or adult males.

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