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By Jay Dearborn Edwards, Nicolas Kariouk Pecquet Du Bellay De Verton, William R. Brockway, Charles Funderburk

All through Louisiana’s colonial and postcolonial classes, there advanced a hugely really expert vocabulary for describing the region’s constructions, humans, and cultural landscapes. This creolized language a distinct mixture of localisms and phrases borrowed from French, Spanish, English, Indian, and Caribbean resources constructed to fit the multiethnic wishes of settlers, planters, explorers, developers, surveyors, and govt officers. at the present time this ancient vernacular is usually opaque to those that have to comprehend its meanings, yet with A Creole Lexicon, Jay Edwards and Nicholas Kariouk supply a hugely prepared source for its restoration. Newly produced diagrams and drawings, in addition to unique reproductions, and 16 topic indexes assist in making this a useful reference for exploring and conserving Louisiana’s cultural historical past.

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In Anglo neighborhoods it is frequently set back on the lot. This urban form is closely linked with the rural Bluffland house (Fig. 16; Friends of the Cabildo 1984:69). See Georgian Creole cottage, Greek Revival architecture. 4. 5-Bay Center-Hall American Cottage 7 ancienne population (FC n, f). : Coined “by white Louisiana natives of French or Spanish heritage to underscore their differences from Americans or foreign French settlers. Both in its French form and in its reference to seniority, the term symbolized for Creoles their distinction and superiority in Louisiana society”(Henry & Bankston 1998:562).

4) assemblage à mi-bois, also, joint à recouvrement: a halflap joint. Full-width notches, half as deep as the beams, were cut from the faces of two timbers to be lapped over each other (Fig. 8d). This joint was used as a substitute for no. 2 or 3 (above). It was often used to join two rafters at the peak. It permits two beams to be joined without expanding to greater height (horizontal beams) or greater width (vertical beams) than a single beam. In other words, the two joined beams remain in the same plane.

7 sq. 8 Eng. ft. 7 sq. ). 25 sq. meters. The superficial arpent continued to be used in Louisiana through the Spanish period. , even. This expanded the superficial (French) arpent by 63 sq. ft. to 36,864 sq. ft. (Walker 1995:2). 3 sq. ft. (Rolston & Stanton 1999:64, #515; Ekberg 1996a:473). “Six-hundred and five arpents is roughly equal to five-hundred and twelve acres” (Reed 1931:3). Because of the local topographical pecu- 11 liarities, the areal arpent was less used in colonial Louisiana than the linear arpent.

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