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By Barbara L. Davis

This box consultant takes you to the barren region and grassland parts of Arizona, California, and New Mexico the place the entire variety of poultry species reaches a outstanding 440. integrated are 21 desolate tract birding sizzling spots, in-depth descriptions and behavioral info, eight chook charts, and masses extra.

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Chestnut-colored plumage decorates the back of the neck and the outer edges of the inner secondaries. The wing tips are black, and the inner wing patches are tawny. The bill is pale yellow with a darker tip, the legs and feet are greenish-yellow, and the eye is yellow. In general, the underparts are buff with some streaking. Nuptial plumes on the side of the neck become obvious during breeding season. Immatures resemble the female, but have more streaking on the back and breast. Nature has designed this species both in appearance and in disposition in such a way that it is observed by very few birders, but it may be surprisingly common in many areas.

With a lightning fast thrust, dinner is served. Frogs, mice, insects, and crustaceans add variety to its diet. Nesting and Mating Behaviors The American Bittern is usually a solitary nester, but occasionally nests in loose colonies. In wet fields, swamps, and brackish marshes among cattails and bulrushes, this secretive heron nests on the ground or among reeds. With available dried grasses or reeds, the female constructs a platform-type nest, which appears to be part of the surroundings. Raising the young alone, she incubates three to seven olive-brown eggs for twenty-four to twenty-eight days beginning with the first eggs laid.

They may re-use an old nest or build a new one of sticks forming a large platform; the nest is lined with softer materials. The female does the actual construction of materials the male brings to her. In about four days, the nest is ready for three to five pale blue eggs. Both adults incubate, brood, and feed the young. AMERICAN BITTERN Botaurus lentiginosus Description: Brown streaking with black neck stripe; stubby tail; pointed wings; yellow, dagger-like bill The elongated body of the American Bittern measures twenty-three to twenty-seven inches from the tip of its bill to the end of its short, stubby tail.

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