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By Søren Kierkegaard

Ostensibly, A Literary Review is an easy observation by way of Soren Kierkegaard at the paintings of a modern novelist. On deeper degrees, besides the fact that, it turns into the existential philosopher's far-reaching critique of his society and age, and its apocalyptic ultimate sections encouraged the vital principles in Martin Heidegger's influential paintings Being and Time. Embraced via many readers as prophetic, A Literary Review and its recommendations stay suitable to our present debates on identification, habit, and social conformity.

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With the intentional analysis of the Other, the radicality is no longer on the side of the ego, but on the side of intersubjectivity; and this latter is not simply an intersubjectivity for the ego-the affirmation by which ego would restore the ego's position as unique foundation-but an absolute intersubjectivity, or if one prefers, a first intersubjectivity. But Hussed himself never went this far: the radicality of the transcendental cogito, as it is estab­ lished in Ideas I, remains the core of all his philosophy.

Thus the inevitable contradictions which issue from the posing of the very sociological prob l e m are li qu ida t ed : the phenomenological tem pt atio n is not to replace the sciences of man, but to focus th e i r probl e ma tic s , thus s e l e cti n g their results and ori e nting their research. We will attempt to retrace this path. VI. Need we emphasize the import ance of phe no menology ? It is a step in "European" thought and has understood itself as such, as Husserl showed in the Crisis.

Of these p ositi ons , Hussed chooses the latter, and the " re a l is m " of essences appears to slide into an i d e alism of the su bj e ct : "The a n a lys is of t he value of l ogical prin cip les leads to r e s earch centered on the s u bj ect " (Formal and Transcendental Logic). It se ems at this p oint that we need o nly choose between an idealism cent e re d around the empirical ego an d a transcen­ dental idealism of a Kantian s o rt ; yet neither can satisfy Husserl. Th e first fails because it re nde rs incomprehensible t h e true propositions that are reduced i n ps ych ol o g i sm to no n p rivil ed ge d states of consciousness, as well as beca u se it l ump s toge the r in the same flux of co ns c ious ne s s that wh ich is v a l uab le and th a t which is not-thus d e s t roy i n g science, and i ts e lf as universal theory.

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