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Male with a vocal sac. Length : 102 mm. DISTRIBUTION : E. Madagascar. M. 3132 Madagascar. . . 53 Sahambendrana . . Majastre d, 2 yg. Antsihanaka . . . 22 ? Brickaville . . . (Rosenberg) dP PLAT YPELIS, Boulenger Platypelis, Boulenger, 1882, Cat. Batr. Sal. Brit. , ed. 2, p. 474 (Type species Platypelis wwanii, Boulenger) ; Nieden, 1926, Das Tierreich, Anura n, p. 97 ; Noble and Parker, 1926, Amer. Mus. Novitetes, ccxxxn, p. 12 ;Noble, 1931, Biol. , p. 630. Plethodontohyla ( m a Boulenger), Methuen end Hewitt, 1913, Ann.

89. Head about once and two-thirds as broad as long ; snout rounded, a little shorter than the diameter of the eye ; canthus rostralis obtuse ; nostril nearer the tip of the snout than the eye ; interorbital space once and a half as broad as the upper eyelid ; tympanum indistinct. First finger shorter than the second, which is 8ubequal to the fourth ; toes # webbed ; subarticular tubercles well developed ; metatarsal tubercle compressed, shovel-shaped. Tarso-metatarsal articulation reaching the tympanic region.

Toes free, with large discs ; fifth slightly shorter than the third. Subarticular tubercles very feebly developed ; an indefinite inner, but no outer, metatarsal tubercle. Tibio-tarsal articulation reaching the tympanum or the eye. Skin quite smooth ; a feeble fold from the eye to the fore-limb, and a pair of glandular spots, which may form distinct tubercles, on the sacrum; posterior part of belly and hinder side of thighs sometimes faintly granular. Pale brown to cream above, irregularly washed and spotted with darker; supratympanic fold edged with black ; sacral glandular spots white, dark-edged ; a fine white line from snout to vent.

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