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We may always or o n e , assume and where m I = maxj w mj. stands Now, for either for m ~ 5, w e m u s t 2 m - m. , ] j # I. Thus, we can just use (26) P il(Bmlw)'''(Bm'w) (Q)~i[~ ! IIBm1*ll P < c llBm§ in c a s e u , , u 2, m > 5. IBml to conclude - For (27), m = 2,3,4 or both. we For just check example, 1 each when of the p o s s i b i l i t i e s m = 3, t h e r e are t h r e e : 2 If (B2w) (Bw)w] i II < 2 -- (B2w) (Bw) II kinds of terms: by 2 I I (Bw) (Bw) (Bw)wr I 2 _< l (21) i lw[l < rlB'wll ]iB~w]r il~'wrl = (26), 2 -- m using < [IB~wil l[Bwlr = m 4 8 - 2 by C27) 2 I I (Bw) 211211Bwl I= I lwi [.

Case m = o and for O t h e r p satisfying (18) are we have: Let (in solution D ~ u ( t , x ) , ~ID(BJ ) Thus, (18) g(x) ~ Co(R3) is an i n f i n i t e l y derivatives function The p r o o f s the so the function u(t,x). since for all p and m. u(t,x) , L2-derivatives time of j) (R 3) u(t,x) L 2 ( R 3) - v a l u e d for each just that O m > o, w there I > o and suppose D a r t C) w h e r e p i s is a u n i q u e C ~ n and p are an odd i n t e g e r . function satisfies utt - Au + m 2 u = - lu p u(x,o) = f(x) Ut(X,O) = g(x) u(t,x) in one Supnose on R ~ of the f, which g, ~ - 46 - We remark that various bounds on the growth of u(t,x) and its d e r i v a t i v e s (in time) of the L2-norms follow from our estimate and the energy inequality.

In that case rr~(t)II ~ [l~o]le t for all ~o @ ~ . T h u s we just c h o o s e D to be the I [~oI I ~ r} and a p p l y T h e o r e m time interval ( - T,T), 14 d i r e c t l y M t is a u n i f o r m l y ball to c o n c l u d e ~(r) = { #o I that on any finite equicontinuous f a m i l y of mappings. T he a p p l i c a t i o n subtle to the case and uses C o r o l l a r y existence of s o l u t i o n s 2. J(~) = , Notice that n = 3, is a l i t t l e m o r e in this case we p r o v e d g l o b a l of ~' (t) = - iA~(t) + J(~(t)) , ~(o) = ~o - if ~oED(A).

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