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By Lynn Margulis

During this groundbreaking ebook, Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan current a solution to 1 of the long-lasting mysteries of evolution--the resource of inherited version that offers upward thrust to new species. Random genetic mutation, lengthy believed to be the most resource of version, is just a marginal issue. because the authors exhibit during this publication, the extra vital resource of speciation, by way of a ways, is the purchase of recent genomes by way of symbiotic merger. the results of thirty years of delving right into a sizeable, commonly arcane literature, this can be the 1st e-book to head beyond--and demonstrate the serious obstacles of--the "Modern Synthesis" that has ruled evolutionary biology for nearly 3 generations. Lynn Margulis, whom E. O. Wilson referred to as "one of the main profitable man made thinkers in glossy biology," and her co-author Dorion Sagan have written a complete and scientifically supported presentation of a concept that without delay demanding situations the assumptions we carry in regards to the number of the residing international.

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This conflict explains the fact that while it is not true, as the Church father said, that post coitum omne animal triste, it is true of the human animal: the immortal child in us is frustrated, even in the sexual act, by the tyranny of genital organization. " 12 The heretical Christian sect known as Adamites, who sought to recapture in this life the innocent eroticism of Adam before the Fall, practiced coitus reservatus, intercourse without orgasm, that is to say, pure forepleasure. " 14 For Freud, the clue not only to normal adult sexuality but to our whole repressed and hidden ultimate essence lies in infantile sexuality.

In Freudian terminology, infantile sexuality is fundamentally autoerotic or narcissistic. Freud is too realistic to follow the mystics or romantics who wish to ignore the demands of the reality-principle. Infantilism, however glorified, is no solution. Hence there is for Freud a final contradiction between the reality-principle and our unconscious desires. Here is the source of Freud's pessimism, and the central problem for anyone who takes Freud seriously. Hence anyone who takes Freud seriously must follow him into the closest anatomy of the desires of childhood-in his terminology, infantile sexuality.

Psychoanalysis is in a position to define the error in religion only after it has recognized the truth. It is not to be denied that Freud's earlier writings, especially Totem and Taboo, contain, besides much that looks forward to Moses and Monotheism, another line of thought on the relation between psychoanalysis and history. This other line of thought works out the notion that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny in a different way. The psychoanalytical model for understanding history is not neurosis but the process of growing up; or rather, maturity is envisaged not as a return of the repressed infantile neurosis but as the overcoming of it.

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