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By Philoponus ; Christian Wildberg (translator)

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Then Arete said, "Stranger, before we go any further there is a question I should like to put to you. Who are you r and who gave you those clothes? " for she recognised the shirt and cloak Ulysses was wearing as her own work, and that of her maids. Ulysses did not give his name, but told her how he had 240 come from Calypso's island, and been wrecked on the Phceacian coast. Next day," he said, "I fell in with your daughter, who. treated me with much greater kindness than one could have expected from so young a person-for young people are apt to be thoughtless.

This so affected Ulysses that he kept on weeping as long as the bard sang, and though he was able to conceal his tears from the company generally, Alcinous perceived his distress and proposed that they should all now adjourn to the athletic sports-which were to consist mainly of boxing, wrestling, jumping, and foot raeing. 105 Demodocus, therefore, hung ,the lyre on its peg and was led out to the place where the sports were to be held. The whole town flocked to see them. Clytoneiis won the foot race, Euryalus took the prize for wrestling, Amphialus was the best jumper, Elatreus the best disc-thrower, and Alcinous' son Laodamas the best boxer.

Y~ur father lives a poor hard life in the country and never goes near the town. As for me, I died of nothing but sheer grief on your account. 5 daughters of great kings and heroes of old time, aud I made each of them tell me about herself. " Here Ulysses ceased, and from one end of the covered 333 cloisters to the other his listeners sat entranced with the charm of his story. Then Arete said, "What think you of this man now, 336 Phreacians, both as regards his personal appearance and his abilities?

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