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By Erwin Bunning, Hermut Wilhelm Pfeffer

This biography examines the lifestyles and paintings of Wilhelm Pfeffer (1845-1920), a pioneer of contemporary experimental biology who expected a lot during this box that's now taken with no consideration. The publication exhibits Pfeffer as a instructor and author with broad examine pursuits, incisive experimental abilities, and a questing brain. Dr H.Wilhelm Pfeffer, grandson of Wilhelm Pfeffer, offers the interpretation for this English variation.

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This in turn, stimulated further research into many other areas, such as the permeability of membranes, the acidity of protoplasm and vacuoles, the oxidationreduction potential, and the migration of substances. Some 3,000 projects are listed in a 1968 synopsis on research involving vital staining25 and vital fluorescence staining of plant cells and tissues. It is interesting that already in 1876, Pfeffer stressed the likelihood that all living cells should be able to ingest solid bodies similar to the plasmodia of slime moulds and amoeba.

Studies might emerge a set of facts and concepts that can be applied to investigations of more complex phenomena in higher organisms. This agrees with the opinion Pfeffer expressed eighty years before when he wrote, "The entire secret of life and the specific sensitivities intertwined with it rest in the basic organism — the protoplasm. Therefore the sensitivity to stimuli is just as manifoldly and richly developed in the simple organism — be it a bacterium or a slime mould — as in any highly developed type of plant" (1893d).

He also noted the adenoidal (glandular) activity of the protoplasm, a feature previously postulated by Overton. 27 Decisive progress was not made until the advent of modern membrane biology. The discovery of enzymes and the discovery of carrier molecules within the membrane are two examples. This confirmed what Pfeffer already had suggested as a possibility. 88). The ground lost after Pfeffer was so extensive that scientists in recent times were left with ideas such as those expressed in 1973 by D.

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