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But Einstein feared having teaching responsibilities. He thought teaching would take too much time from his research. Einstein was receiving invitations to lecture at universities. Mileva Einstein was hoping for a better career for her husband. Einstein enjoyed work at the patent office. But he wondered if he would always be happy looking at new inventions. 30 Einstein Book 9/18/07 3:46 PM Page 31 In 1909 Albert Einstein became a professor of physics at the University of Zurich. Albert and Mileva Einstein fell in love with Zurich.

Prejudice against Jews made Germany a dangerous place for the Einstein family. Friends begged them to leave the troubled country. In 1933 the Einsteins moved permanently to the United States. Einstein was invited to become a professor at Princeton University in New Jersey. Einstein’s sister, Maja, also came to the United States. Hans Einstein, his son, found work in the United States as an engineer. 43 Einstein Book 9/18/07 3:46 PM Page 44 The magnificent campus of Princeton University awed Albert Einstein.

The Einsteins were touched by the kindness of ordinary people. Children approached him everywhere he went. They knew who he was. On Christmas Eve, groups of boys and girls sang carols for the Einsteins. Albert Einstein rushed outside and asked the children if he could get his violin and join them as they made the rounds of the neighborhood. Wearing a leather jacket and stocking cap and playing his violin, Einstein became a caroler that night. Albert Einstein decided to become a citizen of the United States.

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