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Walz, MOPH 23 (Rome: S. Sabina, 1951), p. 24. 20 Vitae fratrum, p. 188. 21 Constitutiones Antique Ord. FFr. 14, ed. A. H. Thomas, De Oudste Constituties van de Dominicanen (Louvain, 1965), p. 325 line 23; see H. Denifle, "Die Constitutionen des Prediger-Ordens vom Jahre 1228," ALKGMA 1: 202 and n. 3. 22 Ed. H. C. Scheeben, "Die Tabulae Ludwigs von Valladolid," p. 253; noted by Quetif-Echard, Scriptores 1: 352b. LIFE AND WORKS OF ST. ALBERT 19 Albert was certainly a "young man" (iuvenculus or adolescens) when he entered the order, but he was not a "boy" (puer) in the canonical sense, nor even a "youth" (iuvenis) in the strict sense of being under twenty-one.

WEISHEIPL ural things qua natural via mathematics, and (iii) on establishing the foundations of ethics and metaphysics in the nature of things in the real world, that is, in natural philosophy. This is not to say that Albert was an integralist or literalist in accepting everything Aristotle said, or that he excluded any truth from any source fundamentally compatible with his Christian convictions. It simply means that Albert was very much a realist and accepted the autonomy of human reason in its own field, since nothing truly known by reason can possibly contradict a truth of revelation.

51 Thus Henry of Herford (d. 2 D. ALBERT AS REGENT MASTER IN COLOGNE (1248-54) In the summer of 1248, Albert, accompanied by Friar Thomas d'Aquino and probably other Dominican friars, traveled by foot to Cologne to establish the first studium generate in Germany. Since the proposed establishment of the four new studia had successfully passed the two preceding chapters, preparations had been underway in all four places for the expected decision of 1248. 54 The Dominican priory on the Stolkgasse (where the main postoffice now stands) extended as far as An den Dominikanern.

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