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Algebra and Trigonometry offers a finished and multi-layered exploration of algebraic rules. The textual content is acceptable for a regular introductory Algebra & Trigonometry path, and used to be built for use flexibly. The modular technique and the richness of content material guarantees that the publication meets the wishes of quite a few courses. Algebra and Trigonometry publications and helps scholars with differing degrees of education and event with arithmetic. principles are awarded as essentially as attainable, and development to extra complicated understandings with substantial reinforcement alongside the way in which. A wealth of examples - frequently a number of dozen in keeping with bankruptcy - supply specified, conceptual causes, so as to construct in scholars a powerful, cumulative starting place within the fabric sooner than asking them to use what they have realized. this can be a full-color textbook.

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00000000334 s e. 0000000715 Converting from Scientific to Standard Notation To convert a number in scientific notation to standard notation, simply reverse the process. Move the decimal n places to the right if n is positive or n places to the left if n is negative and add zeros as needed. Remember, if n is positive, the value of the number is greater than 1, and if n is negative, the value of the number is less than one. Example 11 Converting Scientific Notation to Standard Notation Convert each number in scientific notation to standard notation.

To do so, we use the properties of real numbers. We can use the same properties in formulas because they contain algebraic expressions. Example 12 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Simplify each algebraic expression. 5 2 a.  2mn − 5m + 3mn + n 4 3 Solution a. 3x − 2y + x − 3y − 7 = 3x + x − 2y − 3y − 7 = 4x − 5y − 7 Commutative property of addition Simplify. b. 2r − 5(3 − r) + 4 = 2r − 15 + 5r + 4 = 2r + 5y − 15 + 4 = 7r − 11 Distributive property Commutative property of addition Simplify. 5 5 2 2 Distributive property c.

J k ) = ​ 2 ​ = ​ 2 4 ​ = ​ _ k (k ) k 2 ∙ 4 k8 1 3 13 1 1 1 ​ ​​ ​ = ​ ​ _ ​ ​ = ​ _ ​ = ​ _ ​ = ​ _ ​ e. (m−2n−2)3 = ​​ ​ _ 2 2 mn (m2n2)3 (m2)3(n2)3 m2 ∙ 3 ∙ n2 ∙ 3 m6n6 3 −2 4 ​ _ ​     23 24 CHAPTER 1 Prerequisites Try It #8 Simplify each of the following quotients as much as possible using the power of a quotient rule. Write answers with positive exponents.  (c−5d−3)4 3 5 4 35 Simplifying Exponential Expressions Recall that to simplify an expression means to rewrite it by combing terms or exponents; in other words, to write the expression more simply with fewer terms.

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