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By Jeffrey A. Kottler

Written for therapists, students, clergy, scholars, and people with an curiosity in non-traditional therapeutic practices, this ebook tells the tale of Bradford Keeney, the 1st non-African to be inducted as a shaman within the Kung Bushman and Zulu cultures

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This was designed to keep lions and other predators from getting inside. Nelson explained all this to Peter and Brad, then muttered to himself that it was too bad it didn’t do much to keep the black mamba out. ” Peter asked. “Black mamba. It’s a snake,” Nelson answered. ” “Nothing really. I was just thinking about when I was a child and I lived in a place like this. We had a fence made of camelthorn to keep away the lions. ” Keeney now asked, overhearing the conversation while he was helping to set up camp under the tree that would become his ancestral home.

Yet as dramatic as those trips are, they are not the core experience of shamanism. Whether or not a shaman has a flight into the spirit world may be irrelevant. ” A person becomes a shaman either by hereditary position, referred to as the “lesser shaman,” or by being spontaneously called, referred to as the “greater shaman” (Eliade, 1968). “Greater” refers to the observance that the spirits or the gods have chosen someone to be a shaman by setting in motion a spontaneous experience in a person’s life that transforms his or her way of being in the world.

He was a teacher of psychotherapy and a skeptic, not prone to believe in any of the types of things that attracted Keeney’s attention. And this dream business Peter considered the most puzzling of all. ” Peter asked him, eager for the latest installment of a world he didn’t quite know how to evaluate. “It wasn’t a strange dream this time,” Keeney said. “It was rather simple. I dreamed that we would have a guide among the Bushmen to lead the way. His name is Tweelie or something like that. He pronounced his name to me.

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