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TO ACUPUNCTURE a realistic consultant for GPs and different clinical team of workers Peter Pearson, MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG The clinical Centre, Yateley, Cambedey, Surrey GU17 7LS Publisht;d in. the united kingdom and Europe by way of MTP Press restricted Falcon condo Lancaster, England British Library Cataloguing in book information Pearson, Peter An advent to acupuncture: a realistic advisor for GPs and different scientific group of workers. 1. Acupuncture I. name 615. 8'92 RM184 ISBN-13: 978-94-010-7935-8 e-ISBN-13: 978-94-009-3199-2 DOl: 10. 1007/978-94-009-3199-2 released within the united states through MTPPress A department of Kluwer educational Publishers a hundred and one Philip force Norwell, MA 02061, united states Copyright © 1987 MTP Press restricted Softcover reprint of the hardcover 1st version 1987 All rights reserved. No a part of this booklet could be reproduced, saved in a retrieval procedure, or transmitted in any shape or whatsoever, digital, mechanical, photocopying, recording or another way, with out previous permission from the publishers. CONTENTS Preface 7 Acknowledgements eight 1 what's acupuncture? nine 2 neighborhood disorder of channels thirteen three The channels and issues 15 four procedure 37 five particular stipulations forty five 6 Systemic remedy fifty three 7 different kinds of acupuncture sixty five eight educational issues seventy three nine additional info seventy nine References eighty three Index 87 PREFACE numerous years in the past, a sufferer consulted me, and asked 'aquapuncture'. This sounded extra like an underwater sexual intercourse than anything, yet I confessed lack of information! numerous extra requests highlighted my entire lack of expertise of this topic and encouraged me into activity.

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The important thing is that the right point is hit. It is impractical (and probably unnecessary) for us to be too dogmatic about point location. ), provided one accepts the principle of deqi. If deqi is produced with the ashi and traditional points, it is fair to assume that the needle is properly located. To simplify matters further, I will firstly describe some fairly broad generalizations and then more specific acupuncture points. GENERAUZATIONS The most popular size of needle is the one-inch.

Treatment on a local level, as I have described it, is effective for these conditions. This is just as well, as, otherwise, I doubt many of us would be practising any form of acupuncture! The purpose of this chapter (and indeed Chapter 7) is to give you a brief outline of all the other ideas that go to make up the discipline of traditional Chinese acupuncture. More perspective can be gained, bearing in mind that the 'local' methods are a very small part of what is a highly ordered and rational system that has its roots in ancient Chinese philosophy.

My point is that you will still get good results using the local methods, and, as these are comparatively much easier to learn and comprehend, these will form the rationale behind the treatment of the following conditions. My only exceptions in this chapter are the last two conditions described - migraine and neuralgias. I have included two systemic points, based purely and empirically on traditional teaching. It is not unreasonable to suppose that migraine may be caused by something more than just local dysfunction of channels, and after all - the whole of acupuncture is empirical!

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