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G. Bennett Life at Coombe Springs The young man who had loaned me “In Search of the Miraculous” did more; he gave me the address of a certain J. G. Bennett who had apparently gathered around him a number of pupils studying the Gurdjieff methods. He told me that he had been to London to see a demonstration of some temple dances and complicated Movements performed by these same pupils as part of Gurdjieff’s training. After that his interest had lapsed. Mine on the contrary had been fired, and while still on the Isle of Wight I wrote to J.

For the purposes of this chapter, I will attempt to summarize some of the major premises on which Gurdjieff’s system is based. Man is under a delusion in thinking that he has Will. On the contrary what people generally understand as strong or weak will is merely the reflection of strong or weak desires, themselves the results of external stimuli. Man thinks he is a conscious being. On the contrary, man is an automaton, and lives in “sleep” with but rare flashes of consciousness. Further he has no “being;” he simply has functions.

And Gurdjieff said that in their origins all religions were ways to this same immortality. His teaching on war was somewhat more complicated. The real causes were remote from man; they were the results of planetary influences; perhaps of tension between two planets. Under these influences man imagines that he hates, then fights, kills, commits atrocities. Nevertheless war was not inevitable. ” Moreover Gurdjieff implied that these periods of tension between the planets were in reality most propitious for this “work on oneself;” that during these times this Work could take place acceleratedly.

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